Are you looking to deepen your understanding of yoga, meditation and creativity? Whether you’re new to yoga or an experienced yogi, I look forward to sharing my practice with you.

Through the physical postures, breath and mindfulness, yoga is a practice which has the potential to be deeply transformative. Physically, mentally and spiritually helping us to be the best versions of ourselves, increasing our vitality, awareness and contentment. Yoga is not only a form of preventative medicine but also invites connectivity to the most profound part of our being, revealing interconnectivity with others and all life in the universe.


I am privileged and excited to have been collaborating with talented and plant-based chef Kali to bring you event combining yoga an delicious food! Her new venture Palm Greens at Netil House, London Fields is where our upcoming events are taking place:

Yoga Sundays- Summer 2019



It’s been a little quiet from me on the teaching front, as many of you know the head injury from my cycling accident interfered with my teaching significantly. Then for a happier reason, becoming a mother has meant that my focus has been on nurturing another human being. Both experiences have taught me so much about slowing down, being present and about true surrender which in turn has influenced my practice and teaching. I am gradually beginning to teach more and more with some very exciting plans for the future so watch this space!

In the meantime, the classes below are still happening but are being taught by lovely and brilliant teachers 🙂

The Well Garden Hackney, Hackney Downs

The Well Garden Hackney, Hackney Downs

Join me on Friday 9.45-10.45 for mindful Hatha Yoga, slowing things down for the end of the week at the lovely Well Garden The Well Garden website for full details.

Mudra Yoga London
Saturday morning Flow 8am

Mudra Yoga London

Stoke Newington Church Street

Saturdays 8am- Get your weekend going with an uplifting, flow to challenge and centre you, through postures which both energise and nourish the body and calm the mind, setting you up to enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Book online at Mudra