My Journey So Far

I am always interested to know what draws people to yoga. Perhaps the yoke or union of body, mind and spirit is in our nature, so possibly it’s less about starting to practice but more about re-emphasising and rediscovering? Feel free to share your thought on this with me.

Like so many others although yoga had been on my radar for a long time, but it was an injury that brought me to the mat initially. I broke my collar bone surfing and found that yoga allowed me to move, breathe and heal in a way that was gentle, non competitive and eventually helped me grow as a person in so many ways.

I had also experienced PTD after being swept away (but very lucky to survive) the Boxing Day 2004 Tsunami and gradually yoga helped me to heal, sleep and process this experience. I know that life’s challenges are inevitable in the future and practicing yoga both on and off the mat helps enormously.

Since then I have become far more aware of my body, I am stronger, more open and also more compassionate towards myself. Every day is different and this presents itself in my practice constantly, some days I need to take it easy, some days I’m full of energy and strong, other days I feel stiff and tired, my mind races and my mind can be still, the more I practice the more I accept that life is like that. Every day i’m learning. Ultimately, I am very grateful that the world of yoga opened up to me, and grateful to my teachers who have been wonderful. Yoga has helped me in almost every aspect of my life and this I what made me to decide I wanted to share this with others.