Yoga and Meditation at Work

Yoga is a holistic practice with physical, mental and emotional health benefits. Practicing yoga regularly improves strength, flexibility, stamina and our ability to relax and let go of both physical and mental tension. One of the most powerful aspects of yoga is its focus on the breath. Specific breathing practices are used to calm the nervous system and strengthen the muscles of respiration, teaching us to breathe more fully. Understanding how to use the breath in this way can be transformative, aiding in managing stress levels* and leading a healthy life.  Yoga also helps us to mitigate poor postural habits and balance strain caused simply by sitting, and by repeated actions made in the workplace.

  • Provides tools for keeping a clear head and managing stress
  • Greater awareness of posture
  • Awareness of how physical holding patterns affect state of mind and energy
  • Counteracts hours of sitting and screen time
  • Release of physical tension
  • Healthier organs and physique
  • Strength, flexibility, stamina and relaxation
  • A proactive and positive break from work routine and a switch of focus onto oneself

Options for classes of 30mins, 45 mins, 60mins, 75mins or 90mins-

Dynamic/Hatha Yoga– Open level classes to improve overall wellbeing.

Chair Yoga– can be practiced at your desk or standing next to the chair, focusing on supporting a good posture, balance and maintaining good joint mobility.

Back Care Yoga– specifically designed enhance health posture and spinal alignment.

Stress Relief Yoga– a focus on breath work and relieving tension held in the body.


Options for Workshops, Meeting and Team Building Events

2 hours, half day or full day events- Designed to foster wellbeing and a culture of creativity, innovation, confidence and collaboration, these sessions are perfect for team building events, inductions and conferences.

Yoga and Wellbeing– A combination of yoga, breath work, mindfulness and interactive exercises.

Breath and Wellbeing– A combination of breath work, mindfulness, relaxation and interactive exercises.

Yoga and Creativity– Weaving together creative exercises, breath work and dynamic movement to explore the effects on creativity and innovation.

Yoga Socials– A relaxing or energising yoga session followed by brunch, lunch or a supperclub. (In collaboration with a professional chef).

With 9 years experience teaching Yoga in the workplace, Emmy will come to your office, meeting room or even outside, to provide either yoga or meditation.

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