One to One Yoga Classes

Private Tuition- In the comfort of you own home (or in the park or garden in summer time if you prefer.)

Emmy specialises in teaching 1:1 and private sessions can help you gain what you wish from yoga with undivided attention to your specific needs.

Costs- £60 per hour zones 1-6 London (outside London travel costs will be added)

Whether this is to-

  • IMG_6966Improve your range of motion
  • Build your strength
  • Aid recovery from an illness or injury
  • Deal with stress or other emotional strain
  • Learn relaxation techniques that may help you sleep
  • Prepare yourself for childbirth or look after your postnatal mind and body
  • Or if you are simply an experienced practitioner looking to hone your practice and help correct any postural imbalances or bad habits

The first session will involve a postural assessment and consultation and will be 90 minutes long. The cost of the consultation and first session is £85

Private sessions can be shared with a friend or partner.

If you are interested in private yoga contact me via email or call 07837918438