Afternoon Retreat of Yoga & Creativity

Welcome to our next Mini-Retreat of Yoga and Creativity


Once again we will be donating a percentage of profits to Our Mala – providing support and yoga for refugees.

Treat yourself to an afternoon of Yoga and Creativity- 5 hours designed to give you a complete break from your week, recharge, reconnect  and re-inspire…

Inviting physical release and mindful presence can help us embody our creative instincts. The way we move and hold our bodies can either enhance or inhibit creativity. We will explore the effects of breath, movement and posture on the physical body and how this in turn makes us feel. This mini-retreat give you the opportunity to delve into your own creative process in a non-judgmental, nourishing environment.

Opening with a guided sitting meditation, we set the tone for breath and body awareness, anchors that will be revisited throughout the workshop. We will then move through mindful, flowing yoga practice to encourage deeper awareness of the effect of movement on the breath and body. These practices help us to make space to move into creativity. Through a variety of art and movement-based activities we will experiment with a range of art materials, using marks and colour with a sense of curiosity, awareness, intuition to create with spontaneity and playfulness. We then move a little deeper into yoga postures such as backbends and simple inversions that challenge our fears and allow us to distill our pure creative sense of self from “background noise” or those inner narratives of doubt, judgement and irrational criticism that can so inhibit our confidence and innovation.

Aimed at people with different levels of experience. This is a very accessible opportunity where everyone can walk away with positive discoveries, small routines that they can take home and incorporate in their day to day.

No artistic experience necessary, this event is suitable for everyone 🙂

Beginners to yoga and meditation are also welcome. Modifications will be offered so everyone can work within their individual limits. For those feeling comfortable, we will have the opportunity to progress to some more advanced yoga postures to explore challenging our fears.

Tea and healthy light bites provided

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Exploring Marks and Colour